Student Support

Student support structures offered at Errigal College

The behaviour for learning classroom offers three layers of behaviour support to post primary schools
  • Level 1: Whole School Support
  • Level 2: Target Intervention Support
  • Level 3: Intensive Individualised Support

This three tiered approach endeavours to address the behavioural, social, emotional, academic literacy and learning needs of students. All three levels are customised to the specific needs and requirements of each school. All work undertaken aims to promote positive behaviour and learning throughout the school by focusing on:

  • Behaviour for learning skills
  • Social and emotional literacy
  • Academic literacy, learning and study skills
  • positive health and well-being skills
Core BFL Team:
  • Ms. Margaret Russell-Kelly
  • Mr. Sean Molloy
Special Educational Needs Department (SEN)
Members of the SEN Core Team:
  • Ms. Vicki Raine (SEN Coordinator)
  • Ms. Leanne Wray (ASD Coordinator)
  • Mr. Hugo Dorrian
  • Ms. Niamh Cullen
  • Ms. Janet McGeever

The SEN team hold weekly meetings in which the core team review and plan to meet the needs of the SEN students in the school. Each member of the SEN team has an SEN qualification and vast experience and expertise in the area of SEN.

The SEN core team takes responsibility for carrying out entrance assessments and analysing results, grouping students carrying out literacy and numeracy initiatives for targeted students.

Members of the SEN core team review student’s monthly and biannual assessments throughout the year. The SEN core team look to develop and research appropriate resources within the SEN department for teachers who take students for learning support and SEN classes.

The SEN core team work collaboratively to identify students for SEC RACE applications, these students will be assessed and if they satisfy the criteria an application for additional support will be made to the SEC.

The Year Head

The Year-head monitors the overall academic progress and well-being of the students in each specific year. Year-heads have both a pastoral and disciplinary role and have access to information on all students in their year groups. The Year-head, together with the class teacher encourages students to take responsibility for their actions and to become independent learners.

The Year-head will also meet parents at parent teacher meetings and by appointment. Year-heads support students across the year and meet any students in difficulty individually. Year-heads will inform class tutors and subject teachers of students in the year group who may be experiencing difficulties. Year-heads will refer students to the Student Support team or other school supports as required.

Year Head and Class Tutor List for 2022/2023
Year HeadClassForm teacher
Ms. Russell Kelly1AMs. McGeever
1BMr. Gorrell
1CMr. P Molloy
1DMs. White
1EMs. R Gallagher
Ms. Mc Gowan Brennan2AMs. McGuinness
 2BMs. McConnellogue
 2CMs. McLaughlin
2DMs. Morrow
Ms. Raine3AMr. Huston
 3BMs. Zarb
3CMr. Barrett
Mr. McMenamin5AMr. Collum
 5BMr. S Molloy
5CMs. D Gallagher
TYMr. Dorrian
 LCA 1Mr. Doherty
 Ms. Crossan6AMs. Roarty
 6BMs. McGettigan
 6CMs. Hasson
LCA 2Ms. McDonald