Student Leadership Programme

Senior Student Leadership Programme  – Identifying leaders within the student body who have the skills to assist in the management of the school.

6th Year students who feel they have excellent leadership skills can apply for the Senior Leadership Team. Following their application, suitable candidates will be called for interview to fill the necessary roles eg head boy/girl, deputy head boy/girl and senior prefects. Successful candidates will then be fully trained in their leadership role. This role is very prestigious and is held in very high regard within our school. It also bodes well for career development and can stand out on a CV.

Student Leadership roles:
  • Represent the student body within the school fully supported by the teachers & Senior Management Team at Errigal College.
  • Assist 1st year students in their Transition Programme by mentoring them during their first year
  • Assist in the daily running of the school eg, helping out with extra curricular activities, supervision in the canteen, representing the school at various functions etc.
  • Act as role models for junior students – setting an example of good attitudes toward learning, participation, and school spirit.