Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools

What is DEIS?

It is a national programme aimed at addressing the educational needs of young people. 

Each DEIS plan is specific to each DEIS school but should contain the following 8 key areas:

1. Literacy

2. Numeracy

3. Attendance

4. Retention

5. Attainment

6. Transitions

7. Partnership with Parents

8. Partnership with Others

DEIS is the whole school plan for Errigal College. It will be continually monitored over a 3 year period. Our current DEIS plan is 2021 – 2024.

AttainmentMr Michael McMenamin
AttendanceMr Hugo Dorrian
LiteracyMs Vicki Raine
NumeracyMs Janet McGeever
RetentionMs Margaret Russell Kelly
TransitionsMs Donna McGowan Brennan
Partnership with ParentsMs Margaret Mc Ateer
Partnership with OthersMr Sean Molloy