Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

The LCVP is an intervention designed to enhance the vocational dimension of the established Leaving Certificate. It combines the academic strengths of the established Leaving Certificate with a new focus on self-directed learning, enterprise, work and the community.

The strong vocational focus of the LCVP is achieved by arranging Leaving Certificate subjects into vocational subject’s groupings and adding two courses of study – Preparation for Work and Enterprise Education, known as Link Modules.
During the course, students complete a Work Placement, a Career Investigation, a mini Enterprise and take part in business and community visits.

Entry Requirements:
  • LCVP students must take a minimum of 5 Leaving Cert. Subjects (at higher, ordinary or foundation level) including Irish.
  • Two of the subjects must be selected from one of the designated vocational subject groupings.
  • Students must study two Link Modules, Preparation for Work and Enterprise Education.
  • Students must follow a recognised course in a Modern European Language other than English.

The vocational subject groups provide students with a focus for developing vocational skills and exploring their career options.


LCVP students receive the same certification as students of the established Leaving Certificate with an additional grade for the links Modules. The Link Modules are presently recognised in the points system for the purposes of entry to all Universities and Institutes of Technology as follows:

  • Distinction 70 Points
  • Merit 50 Points
  • Pass 30 Points