Practical Information

Structure Of The School Day:

Monday: 9:00am – 3:55pm
Tuesday: 9:00am –3:55pm
Wednesday: 9:00am –3:55pm
Thursday: 9:00am –3:55pm
Friday: 9:00am – 1:15pm

Please find attached copies of both the Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle Timetables for more details on break, lunch, and class times.

Attendance at School:

Regular attendance at school is a positive indicator of a pupil’s commitment to their studies. Parents are asked to support their children in arriving at school, on time, every day and to avoid taking a student from school during the school day, unless it is absolutely necessary.

We reward good attendance through various incentives including pizza parties and Shop LK Vouchers.


The complete school uniform must be worn at all times.

  • Black jumper with official school crest
  • Grey shirt
  • Dark grey trousers/skirt
  • Plain black shoes
It is as follows:

The official black school jacket with the crest is the only jacket allowed inside the school building. This jacket can be purchased online from

Student Journal

We at Errigal College consider the Student Journal as a very important resource for all our students. Students are required to have their student journal with them at all times throughout the school day, and it must be visibly on your desk throughout every class.

The Student Journal provides students with information on the School Code of Behaviour, Assessment, Timetables, study techniques, health & wellbeing, and Anti-bullying.

Book Rental Scheme

We offer a book rental scheme to all students enrolled in the College. You can download the Terms & Conditions that apply to the Book Rental Scheme for 2023-24 here. This includes the costs associated with availing of this scheme and the means in which you can pay.

We offer a book rental scheme to all students enrolled in Errigal College.


At the beginning of the Academic year, each student is provided with a combination lock and code. It is extremely important that students keep their code safe and do not let others know what their combination is.

Quick Guide on how to use your Combination Lock:

  • Step 1 – 3 full turns clockwise (to your right)
  • Step 2 – After 3 full turns, continue clockwise to the 1st number of your code
  • Step 3 – Going anti-clockwise (to your left) go to your second number, but you must pass your 1st number first
  • Step 4 – Clockwise, go directly, to the last number of your code

(If you pass your number by mistake you must begin all over again with 3 full turns clockwise)

It is the student’s own responsibility to look after their locker and the contents of the locker. No items should be lying on the floor around your locker, or they will be removed.

Stationery Supplies List

The document below contains a list of supplies required for each student at Errigal College.

Books Lists

The document below contains a list of books required for both Junior and Senior Cycle students at Errigal College.