Guidance Counselling

These choices may be categorised into three separate but interlinked areas:

  1. Personal and Social
  2. Educational and Career
  3. Counselling
Counselling empowers the students to make decisions, solve problems, change behaviours and resolve issues in their lives.

School Guidance and Counselling service is an integral part of Errigal College. Student interests and attitudes are taken into account in assessing their potential and suitability for Further Education, Training and the world of work. This process is part of the school’s overall provision and helps students to achieve goals which are consistent with their ability. Guidance and counselling specifically seeks to orient students in the most suitable direction.

Ms Mc Gowan and Ms Mc Laughlin are available during class times and for scheduled individual appointments for Guidance/Counselling, should the student require it.  

All relevant up to date information is available on the careers portal.

Senior Cycle Programme Options

Our Guidance Counsellors are available to support students and parents with making the right decision for their young person in selecting a senior cycle programme.

You can read about the various programmes that we have on offer in Errigal College through this information booklet:

Senior Cycle Programme Options – Timeframe

Senior Cycle -Programme FormFriday 2nd February 2024Friday 9th February 2024
5th Year Subject Choice FormMonday 19th February 2024Friday 1st March 2024

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