Welcome to the first edition of the Errigal College Career’s Newsletter.

The purpose of this section of the website is to try and bring together the most relevant information for the school population. I hope this will promote proper and effective career research and allow for participation for Parents and Guardians in the decision making process. I hope to keep you up to date with the various upcoming career events like Open Days and Deadlines for applications etc.

I will use the Newsletter to try to keep Parents and Guardians informed of where and what their children should be doing. It is important to note that I want Parents and Guardians to contact me if they feel they want or need to discuss any career choice related issues.

I recently assessed the 6th year profile questionnaires in order to create appointments. Over the next two weeks I will meet with all 6th years. At this stage of the year it is very important for any 6th year considering going to the UK for University to let me know in order to get their application underway.

Ms. Donna McGowan-Brennan, Guidance Counsellor


How to pick the right subjects for your career path?

Guidance counsellor Aoife Walsh's top guide to choosing subjects for the senior cycle at school...

Click on this link to read all about picking the right subjects

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Careers Newsletter No.2

At this point of the year nearly all leaving cert students will have met with the guidance counselor.

The few who are interested in Universities in the UK have been working on their personal statements and their application through UCAS. This process will hopefully be complete by the end of October.

In early November we will have a presentation evening for Parents, Guardians and Students involved in the leaving cert. Within this the CAO process will be explained. Also on the evening we will have a brief introduction of the HEAR and DARE application process. Below you will find links and attachments related to both.

HEAR is for students who come from a range of socio economic backgrounds that are under-represented at university.

DARE is aimed at students with specific SEN barriers and any disability.

Both HEAR and DARE aim to create a wider access to College or University. What is access you may be thinking?

Widening participation has been a priority for Colleges and Universities in recent years. Recruiting students from all walks of life who demonstrate the ability, motivation and potential to succeed at third level will, over time, draw outstanding talent from a broad pool of applicants. This will make sure that our colleges and universities remain diverse, vibrant places in which to study and become more representative of the society which they serve.

Entry to colleges and universities has been traditionally dominated by school leavers who have completed the Leaving Certificate Examination. Entry is decided on an open, transparent and competitive basis through the Central Applications Office [CAO] established by the universities. Many colleges and universities have made significant strides in providing programmes aimed at achieving equity of access for learners of all backgrounds, identities and abilities.

As a means of widening participation in 3rd level participating colleges have developed a range of initiatives including the following supplementary admission routes: This is the link for the application guide for HEAR applicants. This is a link to the frequently asked questions regarding HEAR. This is the link for the application guide for DARE applicants. This is a link to the frequently asked questions regarding DARE.

This is a link showing a HEAR presentation

This is a link showing a presentation on applying to CAO



FIRST YEAR SUBJECT CHOICES The issues with choosing French or not…


Dear Parent, Guardian & Student,

As first years begin the process of making subject choices it important to ask 3 very important Questions

· Do you like the subject?
· Are you good at the subject?
· Do I need the subject?

The first two questions are important but the last one is the one that needs explaining. “Needing” the subject means that if you choose to leave this subject out then there may be some restrictions on what you can do at university. French is the only subject that maybe an issue. Please read the following guide.

Please use the following info as a guide for the impacts of choosing or nor choosing French as a 3rd language.

NUI’s & a 3rd Language!!

There have been a few CHANGES in the last few years regarding the 3rd language being an entry requirement for every course in UCD, NUIG, NUIM, UCC, St Angela’s, NCAD etc..

Now some courses have had this restriction lifted. Contrary to conventional wisdom there are now many courses with no 3rd language requirement. This is mainly based on a few things; no need for the language to be an entry requirement due to its lack of relevance; there is a shortage of people in the course area e.g. some of the sciences or engineering , Computers, Nursing).

Here is a list of the Courses in the NUI’s with the 3rd Language option lifted..

UCD– Landscape architecture, Structural engineering with architecture, Engineering, Science, Computer Science, Actuarial and Financial studies, Agricultural science, Animal Science, Dairy Business, Food Science, Human Nutrition, Forestry, Veterinary Nursing, Nursing – General, Integragted & Childrens, Midwifery, Psychiatric

UCC– Food Science, International Development Policy, Process and Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Architecture, Nursing – General, Midwifery, Psychiatric, intellectual disability

NUIM– Primary Teaching, Science, Biotechnology, Computer Science & Software Engineering, Physics with Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics and Maths, Biology and Biological Sciences, Psycholgy, Pharmaceutical and biomedical Chemistry, Multimedia, mobile & web development, Science education, Electronic Engineering with Computers, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering with communications, Product design

NUIG- Science, Biomedical Science, evironmental Science, Financial Maths and Economics, Marine Science, Health & Safety Systems, Earth & Ocean Sciences, Physics and applied physics/Medical physics/Astrophysics, Biopharmaceutical chemistry, Mathematical sciences, Nursing – General, Midwifery, Psychiatric

NCAD - Industrial Design or Core – Will take either OD3 in a 3rd language or ART if no 3rd language is presented

St. Angela’s - Nursing – General, Disability

Therefore the 3rd language or French is still an issue if students want to study in the UCD, UCC, NUIM, NUIG for..

· ARTs (English, Irish, Geo, History, Politics, ETC)
· Medicine, Radiotherapy, Vet, Physio, biomedical, sports sci,
· Law
· Business/Commerce
· Architecture

I hope this clears the air a little.

Kind Regards,

Ms McGowan-Brennan